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Also if you're a YA author and are interested in being involved with an Indie August event I'm planning please email me!!

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Char :)

About Me

Time to update this a bit. So here we go!

 So first things first: Hi there I'm Charmaine but you can call me Char. Look at the picture! That's me! I know, I'm awesome. It's amazing what you can tell about me from a picture.

 When I read I tend to be joined by my 6 and 3/4 year old cat Mischief. His nickname's Bunny because he likes to hop up and down the stairs like a rabbit. Here's a pic of him: 

Our reviewing team of one woman and her cat recently grew as a cat from down our street moved in with us! (Don't worry, his old owners know! We take him back to his old home sometimes.) He's called Tiny and he likes to distract me from typing by being cute. I know you want a picture of him to so ta-da :

Bingo! Now onto the important stuff. I'm 22 years old and I live in North Wales. Although I'm originally from Lancashire. That's right I live in the UK, however I did turn German half way through a football match but that's another story. 

I learnt how to read at 2 according to my mum and I got my first library card at 3. I actually remember I was so small I couldn't see over the desk.

I guess that means that I've always loved reading. I read all sorts of books and when it comes to telling it like it is I don't hold back. I started this blog to be honest about how I feel about the books I read. 

I really don't know what else to put, I'm rubbish at these things. I will point out that I'm less likely to review a book on a Saturday or Sunday when there's Formula 1 on the TV because I'll be watching that and supporting my favourite driver (who isn't British).


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