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I can't wait to hear from you!

Also if you're a YA author and are interested in being involved with an Indie August event I'm planning please email me!!

I need books to review and give away! I also want some of you lovely people to interview!!

Char :)

Interview Policy

So I figure that I have a review policy and now I need an interview one (I didn't think I'd need one but it turns out I do so here it is.) 

So if you're an author and you'd like to be interviewed you can email me at but please read my rules first and we'll get along splendidly.

  • My questions are typed in British English (this is because I am British) I would like them to remain British. I get that you might not be British but I won't be changing my spelling for you or having it changed for me

  • My questions are my questions. Please answer them without altering them (If you really don't have an answer then make a note in the document you've sent me and I will omit it.). I will notice if you do. I'm not stupid.

  • Further to my "don't alter" rule, don't change my grammar. I'm good at English, I know that the plural for "authors" is not "author's".  

  • Please can you send me an author photo and maybe the cover for the book(s) you'd like to promote so I can work them in there. (I find my interviews need pictures.)

  • Please can you make sure that your book fits what my blog is about. I'm not going to interview you if you write books that aren't what I read. And I have a target audience to cater for. 

So if you're still interested and think that you can follow my rules then email me

I want to thank you for taking an interest in From the Shadows I Review and I look forward to possibly hearing from you.


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