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Thursday, 27 October 2011

***Review*** Toxic Beauty (Horror High #1) by Caroline B. Cooney

On the Back of the Book

Horror High

It's the stuff of nightmares

Starting a new school is hard enough, but Bethany has never felt more plain and ordinary. She'd give anything to be popular beautiful and clever.

When a mysterious man offers to make all of Bethany's wildest dreams come true, she jumps at the chance. But she doesn't realise that beauty comes with a price...

Pre Read Thoughts

I actually accidentally read the second one yesterday (24/10/2011) while I was waiting for my brother to finish Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days. So I thought I'd better read this book so I could review the series in order. I bought it in WHSmith (presumably) for £4.99 which is a total bargain for a book RRP. The cover is nothing special, just a couple of grumpy looking people. Not something that stands out against all the beautiful YA covers that are around right now. The synopsis sounds interesting though. I can't wait to see if that translates into a good story.

Post Read Thoughts


I'm not sure there are words that describe just how bad this book is. It's just a teenage girl whining about wanting to be beautiful. I can tell you the story if you like so then you don't have to bother putting yourself through the torture. Are you ready?

"Girl moves to a new town. Girl starts at the local school. Girl starts to settle in. Girl then finds out that the beautiful people hate her (well not hate, more indifferent). Girl sells their souls to a vampire in exchange for beauty and brains. Girl realises that the people that she stole them from deserve them more than her. Girl gives them back. The End."

It's literally just that only with a lot more whining. I'm saving you by telling you that. It took the author 182 pages to write but I did it in a paragraph. That means there's a lot of whiny filler. Not much happens to creep out the reader. The only upside is that because the book is so short there isn't a massive amount of dragging out. I wasn't a fan of the writing, it didn't capture my attention and I was constantly counting how many pages I had left.

I felt no sympathy for the MC, Bethany Fountain. She was a really shallow, selfish individual that was more than happy to take what was never hers. She learnt her lesson in the end but I feel that if her mother hadn't been threatened she'd have been more than happy to continue living the lie that she'd created. All of the other characters are just stereotypes and not really worth mentioning. So I don't think I'll bother.

Overall this is a very poor excuse for a novel. I don't know how it got published - let alone republished. Actually I know how it got republished, it contains the word vampire. Publishers hear that word and their brains go "ka-ching!" I have nothing positive to say about this book but I refuse to say nothing at all. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, even if they were desperate for a vampire novel. Just walk past this and pretend it doesn't exist.

My Rating

1 star - Horrific. I've wasted an entire day and I recommend that you don't do the same. It really doesn't deserve the time off anyone. Don't look at this book, don't pick it up. If you've already bought it, give it to charity... ir burn it. If you ignore me and you hate it, all I have to say is this: I told you so.

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