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Monday, 22 April 2013

***Blog Tour Interview*** Tania Penn

So I received a request to get involved in a rather last minute blog tour and I very nicely said yes. I like helping authors and giving them a chance to promote their books. This hasn't gone to plan for me though. I'll tell you why at the end. Let's just get down to interviewing business:


A little bit about myself:

I’m a wife and mum who lives in the Pacific Northwest.  When I’m not writing, which is mostly always, I like to travel, kayak, hike, take my bike out on the trails around here, kick box, go paddle boarding and wine tasting.  I’m always looking to add things to my bucket list, which my husband pointed out, is more like a bucket book now!

1. Do you write under your own name or with a pseudonym?

My own name.  It’s funny when I’m asked what is my pen name…Well my name, Penn is my pen name!
I do have a pseudonym when I played music - “Tanita Stone.”  I still may use that one to write a book under, since the ideas I have run the gamut from YA to NA to erotica, to horror, to sci-fi ;)

2.  What do you do when you’re not writing?

I try not to get into any trouble!    Or depending on the day, I’ll head to the waterfront in downtown Seattle with my son,  go to the Olympics or Mt. Rainier for a day hike, take my kayak out on the lake next to my house.  Oh yeah, and then there’s housework — house won’t clean itself!

3.  Do you have any pets/children, and do you find that they can be distracting?

I have both!  I have an awesomely adorable and funny six year old son, Adam.  And yes, very distracting to try and write once he’s home from school!  Unless he has a friend over the house, but even sometimes  it’s “Mummy, so and so won’t share with me”  “Adam’s mum, Adam isn’t listening!”  lol.  So I tend to squeeze in my writing while he’s at school, and late at night after he’s gone to bed.  Unless daddy takes him out to hang for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, the weekends belong to my little boy and  just have family time.  And as for the dog, we have a Golden Retriever, Sawyer, who likes to lay at my feet as I type :)

4.  What’s your favourite snack food?

Well, when I settle in at night, I like to have a plate of various cheeses - smoked aged gouda, goat cheese, havarti, some French bread, olives, smoked salmon and a glass of red wine ;)

5.   A lot of writers drink caffeine, do you?  If yes, in what form?

Yes.  Coffee!!!  All day ;)

About your book:

1.  What inspired you to write your book?

I had this idea floating around in my mind since 2005, about writing some kind of paranormal love story involving Lucifer.

2.  Who was your favourite character and least favourite characters to write?

I liked writing Venus.  She’s so bitchy and snarky, and wicked!  Least favorite was a secondary character, Marie Sanchez.  She was tortured and died a grisly death  for a reason!!   It’s nice to be a writer and get my aggressions out via my pen or keyboard,  otherwise I’d probably be in a world of trouble!

3.  Did  you have a playlist while you wrote your book?

Oh yes!   Some of the characters had their own “theme” songs as well!  For instance, Sail by AWOL Nation, was Lucifer’s theme song.   Sinister Kid by The Black Keys was Venus’s.  Angel Eyes by Love and Theft was Dawn’s.   Free Fallin, John Mayer’s live version was used when Gabriel saw Dawn for the first time and realized he was falling in love with her.  Dawn and Gabriel’s theme song is I Will Follow You into the Dark, by Death Cab for Cutie.  Set Fire to the Rain by Adele and Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars were playing as I wrote the scenes when Dawn discovers Gabriel’s true identity.  Other songs that rounded out the playlist were Oh What a Thrill, by the Mavericks, Mad World, Gary Jules, No One’s Gonna Love You, Band of Horses, Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones, Devil Inside, INXS, Everytime I Give the Devil a Ride, Wade Hayes, Tighten Up, The Black Keys, and Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground, Willie Nelson.

4.  How long did it take you to write your book and what distracts you the most?

Once I had an idea of where I was going with it, took me about 4 months to complete it.  Facebook is definitely a big distraction!!

5.  Would you ever consider writing more stories featuring your characters?

Oh yes, I am currently writing the sequel, titled “Equinox”  and have a third and final book planned, tentatively titled, “Ascencion”.  I also want to write a prequel novella that goes more in the love triangle between Lucifer, Ramiel and Michaela.

About books in general:

1. What is your favourite book?

Hard to say, there are so many great books I have read!  I am definitely a huge James Patterson fan, so I will have to say so far, “The Postcard Killers”.

2.  Is there a book series you wish you’d written?

Oh yes.  Either “Harry Potter” or “Twilight”!  My sons, children’s, children would be set for life!!!!!

3.  How do you like to read?

Curled up on my couch with the fireplace on.

4.  Which authors inspired you to write?

“J.K. Rowling”, “James Patterson”, “J.A. Jance”, “Charlaine Harris”, “Kathy Reichs” and my indie chixx from my group!

5.  How has your taste in books evolved over the years.

I’ve always gravitated toward sci-fi and mystery, but recently, thanks to 50 Shades, I’m stepping into the naughty zone!

Quick fire:

1.      Morning or night person?

A little of both — I don’t sleep!

2.     TV or books?

Right now books, since Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are on hiatus.

3.     British or American accent?

No contest.  British!

4.  Cats or dogs?

I’m a dog person.

5. Writing on paper or laptop?

iPad mini and my mac!

Purchasing and getting in touch

1.      In a sentence, why should people buy your book?

Because it’s a quick, fun read.  It’s a different take on the whole fallen angels world.

2.     What formats is your book available in?

Currently, only through Amazon for kindle.  Working with a formatter now to get it in print.

3.     Where can we buy your book?

4.  Where can we follow you on Twitter and Facebook?

@Twistedtanita  and Tania Penn Author

5.  Do you have a website?

Thank you for having me!! :) 

 I'd like to say it was a pleasure... but it wasn't. I want people who read this to know that any typos in any part of this interview are not my fault. Two of us have been through this numerous times. My questions have been altered, some made grammatically incorrect. I find that rude. I'm unimpressed but I said I would post this interview so I am. I'm just making my stance clear. My spelling will be British and my questions will remain unchanged or you're really not welcome here. I'm only doing this out of obligation (as you can probably tell, this experience has really upset me).


Jaimie Admans said...

Good for you, Char! It would never even cross my mind to alter an interviewer's questions and I can't believe anyone would!

Charmaine Sharpe said...

Thank you Jaimie! I have to say I wasn't expecting it to happen either. I was very disheartened when I noticed it.


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