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Monday, 30 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Darksmith Legacy: The Art of War by Mike Tucker

On the Back of the Book

The Darksmith have the Eternity Crystal and are eager to finally fufil their contract with their mysterious client. The Darksmiths have also reprogrammed Gisella, the robotic 'daughter' of Varlos, who now seems to be working for them. The Doctor learns that the Darksmiths are due to hand over the Crystal to their client at secret rendezvous on present day Earth. Will the Doctor be able tointercept the transaction in time? Or will the Crystal begin a war that will continue for all eternity?

My Thoughts

This book was hard for me to rate, the first half was slow and didn't really capture my attention but the latter part was filled with danger and excitement. I kind of feel that this book wasn't necessary to the Legacy though.

Now in my last review I called Gisella a traitor, alas! I was wrong! Come back Gisella, all is forgiven! A great bluff by the authors but I'm not sure I like such a complicated plot twist in a kids book. The Doctor wasn't really up to much in this book. The focus of the story wasn't really on him though. The Krashok's are horrible, so the author's done something right.

Overall the story was an okay set up for the final book. It deals with some serious issues in the sense that Lord Blackheart wants to resurrect his dead wife. The story could be used as a way to tell children about death and about once the person's gone, they can't come back.

My Rating

3.5 stars - This may not be one of the best books in the series but it's rating is boosted by the solid ending.

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