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Monday, 19 December 2011

*** Review*** Ravaged: A Werewolf’s Tale (Werewolves #2) by David Wellington

On the Back of the Book

The days grow colder. The nights grow longer. And every time the moon rises, the wolf inside her grows a little stronger.

Cheyenne Clark – a woman whose hatred for werewolves has turned her into the very beast she most despises – prowls the Arctic Circle on the trail of an ancient secret, hunting for the one thing that could remove the lycanthropic curse and make her human again.

Yet standing between Chey and her goal are a werewolf hunter armed with a diabolically brilliant weapon, and a centuries-old werewolf with her own mysterious agenda... and Chey’s own complicated feelings for the man who doomed her to this existence, but on whom her life now depends.

Worse, with every hour that passes, the wolf inside Chey becomes more powerful. It won’t be long before the woman disappears completely, and only the beast is left.

Pre Read Thoughts

An impulse buy because of the 3 for £5 offer at my local branch of The Works. I really enjoyed book one, Cursed, and wanted to know how Chey’s story ended.  So I picked this up to read next. Well that and because I have this need to read as much of a series one after the other as possible. The cover is clean and striking. The black cover contrasts nicely with the wolf’s fur and the red eye just stands out. If I were to ask my mum what she thinks of the cover she’d say ‘Oooh! It’s a bit dark!’ but I guess it’s a matter of each to their own. The synopsis is incredibly detailed and I can’t wait to open the book and get stuck in.

Post Read Thoughts

I found this book to be more consistent in how good it is but it never reached the level of awesomeness that Cursed did. I didn’t really sense the danger of the hunt. I felt that the biggest dangers to Chey were Lucie and Chey’s wolf. The writing is something that I really liked. I find Mr Wellington’s words easy to visualise and this adds the idea that the book triggers some mental movie. Mental in the sense that it’s playing in my head, not any other sort of mental, just to clarify, or dig myself in a hole. The author’s storytelling ability is incredible and I loved the back stories and also the research that he must have put into the book.

Chey – I still liked her in this book. She goes through a lot in the duration of Ravaged and if I’m honest, I probably would’ve just given in. That just proves that she’s a fighter and a survivor and you just can’t help but admire her.

Powell – he grew on me as I read this book. He makes a good alpha male and he has all the qualities I like in a leading man. He’s caring yet protective and he’d do anything for his woman. It’s an admirable trait in a guy.

Lucie – After everything that was eluded to in the first book I was expecting more from Lucie. She was painted out as some sort of manipulative psychopath and that never really happened for me. There were a couple of moments like that but nothing concrete that said ‘Hi I’m Lucie, and I’ve lost my mind.’ She wasn’t a likeable character and I didn’t really feel anything for her.

Varkanin – He’s the guy in this book that’s trying to kill Chey and Powell but the one he really wants is Lucie. His vendetta is explained in the book and as bad guys go, I liked him. He’s very distinctive (how can you not be with blue skin?) and very focussed on what he feels he had to do. I did point out that he was blue didn’t I? He’s also Russian. It was different, you don’t really come across blue Russians (why ever not is my question).

Sharon – She’s a character that I would’ve loved to know more about. Her wariness of Chey was 100% understandable and if I was her I would’ve been the same. Her strength was something that I admired and I loved the way that she was her own woman and made her own decisions.

Overall I enjoyed this slightly less than its predecessor but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it. The thought that must’ve gone into this book and the amount of research astounds me. It feels planned to me and it’s been executed well. If you read and enjoyed book one then you should definitely read this one. It closes Chey’s story in a satisfactory way. In fact, I’d say that this is one of the best werewolf novels I’ve read. Ever.

My Rating

4 Stars – I’d definitely recommend this to adults who are fans of shifter stories. T’s so much better than the YA equivalents and it manages to slot nicely into the adult market for this genre. It’s a genuinely good book and I want you all to read it.

A Final Note

As I keep pointing out this is an adult book and not suitable for immature teens. It does contain swearing, a bit of sex and a lot of violence. Not for the faint hearted. 

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Anonymous said...

The end broke my f***ing heart!


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