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Sunday, 11 December 2011

*** Review*** Survivors by Terry Nation

On the Back of the Book

Flight 301 from Paris to London disembarks seven minutes late after a passenger is taken ill on board. Within weeks, the killer disease he was carrying has wiped out almost all of the world’s population. As power, water and food supplies fail, cities become open graves and nature lays waste to civilisation.

The survivors must start again in a post apocalyptic world: Abby moves through this new, dark age searching for her son; Jenny wanders aimlessly through the countryside after fleeing London: she encounters Greg, a resourceful engineer, and together they form a community.

But with no law and no order, they face terrible dangers – not just the trials of day-to-day life but also the deadly threat from other survivors...

Pre Read Thoughts

This is a book that I’ve tried to read a couple of times before and never got very far with. I’m not quite sure why that is but I thought I’d give it another go as it’s nearing Christmas and I need to get my TBR pile down to make way for my new books. I bought the book after I saw the TV show and liked it enough to get the book. I couldn’t find this in my town but a bus trip to Llandudno and I found it in the WHSmith that’s there. I paid £6.99 for it but I’m sure you could find it cheaper online. The cover is just some characters from the show and therefore doesn’t really tell you much about the actual story. I actually like the synopsis as it gives you an insight into possible events and I can’t wait to settle down and read the book.

Post Read Thoughts

In the end Survivors turned out to be an interesting read with some thoroughly fascinating ideas of what could become of the human race if we were struck down by a pandemic.  The book had a nice, steady pace to it that showed all the struggles of living in a world where none of the things we take for granted are available. The ending shocked me. I know that a happy ending wasn’t possible but the brutality of it struck me. The book was riddled with spelling errors and this really annoyed me because aside from that the writing itself was decent. Didn’t editors exist when this book was first published?

The characters are quite an assortment and the diversity of them just proves what an interesting predicament the virus left the world in. My favourite character was Abby Grant. I love how she knew what she wanted to do and how that made other survivors look up to her. If I’d been in that situation I definitely would’ve needed an Abby. My least favourite character was Tom Price. He was lazy and didn’t really help the group that much. His constant chatter and stories also really wore me down and I wanted to give him a good slap. There were other members of the group that were allowed to grow as characters a bit but I don’t want to ruin it for those of you who want to read this.

Overall I liked this. It was really different from the TV show so it offered an alternative insight into what life could be like without tainting my love of either representation. The ending of the book wasn’t to my taste and the fact that the spelling was a bit dodgy are the only things that dampened my enjoyment a bit. I’m not sure if I’d read this again but it’s certainly got me thinking.

My Rating

3 stars – I thought it was good – and you know how I feel about a book being good. I want more than that from a book. I’d recommend this to people who like dystopians but want something different to what the public seem to be lapping up right now.

A Final Note

 This book contains sexual references, tons of violence due to the nature of the situation and swearing. I wouldn’t give this to a younger teen 
especially an immature one as they might not like some of the content.


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