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Monday, 21 March 2011

Being Human: Chasers by Mark Michalowski


In the second of the Being Human spin off books, George is approached by his lesbian friends Kaz and Gail who want him to be the surrogate father of their baby. Mitchell and Annie aren't impressed with the idea and George is hesitant, due to the fact that he doesn't know if his werewolf genes are hereditary. Will George accept or decline?

Meanwhile Mitchell has met Leo, a patient at the hospital where he works. They hit it off and end up going on a night out with George and Annie. Leo can see Annie and he also seems to have a few secrets of his own. Why is he after Mitchell and just what is that he wants?


The writing in this book is okay I've come across this author before as he's written some Doctor Who novels and to be honest I think he's better at them.

The Being Human books all seem oddly distant from the show and you have trouble imagining the characters. Normally I don't find that a problem but this book shouldn't be like that because you've got a connection to the characters before you've even turned to page 1.


The characters were awful. There was none of Mitchell's sexy bad boy, none of George's rambling and barely anything of Annie at all.

The characters that were made up for the book particularly special and the situation between Mitchell and Leo was slightly altered and used in series 3. I don't really have much to say about the characters, so I'm just not going to bother.


It's an okay book. It's a lot better than the first which was abysmal but it lacks something that the show has. I'm not sure that this is the author's fault though, it may just be one of those series' that doesn't translate well on to the written page.

I gave this book the benefit of the doubt and 3 stars. I'm only going to recommend it if you're a die hard Being Human fan, otherwise just don't bother.

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