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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Torment by Lauren Kate


Luce has been moved to yet another school, this time by her 'boyfriend' Daniel. Now in California (not that her parents know this fact) Luce decides to delve into her past [lives] to see if she can come up with answers to the questions that Daniel refuses to comment on and to see whether she truly belongs with him.

Whilst there Luce meets Miles, a boy who is just so sweet and wonderful oh and he's in love with our 'heroine'. Luce feels an attraction towards him, will she act on it?


I liked the writing, even though the premise is essentially The Immortals but with angels. For the most part the author creates a fantasy world that fits quite nicely into our own. Overall the writing's pretty good but the was something that annoyed me.

The ending. It was confusing, there was too many things happening in such a short amount of time. Lets be honest, you can't have 400 pages of nothing and then expect the reader to be able to understand everything that you've just crammed into the last 52 pages. What happened wasn't set up very well and was rushed.


This yet another book where the quality of the main characters is surpassed by that of the rest of them. I don't care if Daniel's a blinking angel, if he treated me that way he'd be out the door. Of course though this is a young adult book so introducing Luce, a girl who must have the word 'doormat' tattooed on her forehead because she just lets him get away with whatever. Oh no I'm sorry it's because he's been trawling after her past 1000 reincarnations, that's not romantic, that's stalkerish.

Other than that I love the characters particularly new boy Miles, he's so adorable and has all the qualities of a gentleman. It's just a shame that the only reason he's been added is because he's the obligatory secondary love interest for Luce.


It's an okay book. I didn't race through it and that's because I found that at times it dragged a bit but it was better than I was expecting.

Okay I know I hated the main characters but then again they didn't seem to like each other either. I also know that I also hated the ending but I'm willing to forgive the author for that. (I know I'm such a nice person.)

3 stars is what I gave it in the end. I enjoyed it (most of the time) but if the first book is anything to go by then this is going to be pretty forgettable. Read it if you want but I suggest you go to the library as opposed to buying it.

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