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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Heaven Sent by Meg Cabot

Heaven Sent


The final book in the Mediator series sees Suze fight for her love. Paul has finally got Suze (kind of) where he wants her by threatening to send Jesse to the afterlife. So Suze is reluctantly taking mediator lessons every Wednesday afternoon with Paul in order to keep Jesse with her, but Paul seems to have other ideas. Will Suze be able to hold on to her man?

It's a brilliant plot and I think this is the only book in the series that doesn't have a sub plot (mainly because the sub plots tend to be about Jesse and Suze's relationship. Or as I want to call them since all good couples have a name: Juze).


I think I've already pointed this out but the Mediator series is one of Meg's better series (at the risk of getting mobbed: I wasn't that into The Princess Diaries.). I think it [the Mediator series] is well written and the only reason it underperformed originally is the fact that the books were ahead of their time.


As always Suze is a delight to read about, the scrapes that she manages to get herself into can be a bit far fetched but I think that's part of what makes her so much fun to read. She's never been anything but a normal teenage girl with an extraordinary talent and she's one of the few female leads that manages to retain her own identity even when she's with her one and only.

I guess that brings me to Jesse, he's perfect. I have found myself wanting to be Suze more than once, just so I can have Jesse. He's the perfect gentleman and in a way I think he's every girl/woman's ideal man. After they've dated a bad boy or two first, naturally.

The other characters are brilliant too, they all fit perfectly in their descriptions, in some cases they could have had a bit more depth but that's just me nitpicking.


This is the perfect ending to a brilliant series. It's got everything it needed but most of all it has its happy ending. Is that the most important thing? No but it's good to know.

I gave this book 5 stars. It completely made up for book 5 and it's definitely my favourite in the series. I recommend the whole series to you. The only negative is no more Jesse. *grabs a box of tissues and heads off to a corner to sob uncontrollably*

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