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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gossip Girl: Would I Lie to You by Cecily von Ziegesar

On the Back of The Book

Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live in decadent penthouses, massive townhouses, and come summer, fabulous beach houses.

Enter the world of Gossip Girl -- a world where espadrille sandals are flown in from Spain, crisp cotton sundresses are made to order, and jealousy and betrayal are the ultimate summer accessories.

Time to throw your hair into a messy pony and cut off your Sevens -- we're heading to the Hamptons! S and B are now co-muses to a super-famous designer, who just happens to live next door to N's Hampton's estate.... I wonder how neighborly these new neighbors are going to get. And what's this I hear about V venturing surfside? Who's next, D!? Never say never....

You know you love me,

gossip girl

My Thoughts

The writing is simple in this one, but quite possibly less entertaining than the others. It's just a load of rubbish. I don't care about the clothes, I care about the people [kind of]. If I'm right, I don't even think Cecily von Ziegesar wrote this one it was a ghost writer. If so then to be honest it shouldn't have been published because this isn't at the same level of earlier books.

I've pointed out what I think of the characters before, but that's part of the appeal of the series. I don't think anyone can deny the pleasure of finding a bunch of people more annoying than they are [even if said charactersare only fictional].

Jenny once again doesn't appear in this book [she's still in Prague] but I know for a fact that she's in the last one.

This book is a nice, quick read, even if the standard of it is way below the rest of the series. It's still a fun[ish] book about people you love to hate.

My Rating

2.5 stars - This may seem harsh but it really wasn't as good as the other books and I had to force my way through it.

A Final Note

I feel that it is my duty to warn you that this book includes a lot of swearing, most of which is the F-word. I definitely wouldn't give this to a child under 14 as there are talks of sex and drugs as well.

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