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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow


Sergej has kidnapped Dru's best friend, the loup garou Graves,meanwhile Dru is being forced to stay at the Schola Prima until the council recieves news as to his whereabouts. Dru's been sticking with the wulfen from the Reform Schola that she was shoved into by fellow svetocha Anna before Christophe took her to New York.

Dru is getting increasingly desperate to save Graves because she's not entirely sure that the council are even making an attempt to locate Graves. Is going it alone the best option though?


I personally like Lili St Crow's style of writing, but then I read some reviews that pointed out her flaws and for the entirety of this book I couldn't stop seeing them and it really started to niggle me. I hate having my reading experience tainted by others, nobody has the right to do that and for that reason and the reason that I'm hoping to forget them by the time Reckoning arrives, I'm not going to point out what they are.

I like how the author has written the story without the central plot being written around some stupid, eternal, I will treat you like an idiot because I am the love of your 5 billion lives, love story. This story is filled with action and it might just be me but because of that this is easily one of my favourite YA series. For me this story is about acceptance, because in a way Dru is still accepting so much of what has happened to her, she's still accepting her father's death (and brief resurrection as a zombie). On top of that she has to accept that she's a svetocha and that eventually she's going to be toxic to suckers, which is what killed her parents.


Dru is one of my all time favourite female characters, I love her so much. She's got such determination and she doesn't listen to anyone, and yes, sometimes it does get her in trouble but at least she's not like just about every other female, who the second their boyfriend lets go of their hand they start running around like a headless chicken screaming blue murder.

I wasn't entirely sure what I thought of Christophe when I originally wrote out this review (by hand) but now I realise just what an idiot he is. I mean he thinks he's God's gift to women and the way he treats Graves just because he's a wulfen. He's taking racism to a whole new level there.

Graves however, is the opposite, he's definitely my favourite of Dru's 2 love interests and if she was to be with either of them, I'd want it to be him. He doesn't really feature much in this book but the bits where he does are awesome.


Another brilliant installment of this fantastic series. With so many 'Twilight's' and 'Evermore's' out there this book is a refreshing change. However this book has something, or should I sat someone missing. This book needed Graves, it really did. He just brings something to the story.

Still, I gave this book 4 stars which, for me, is pretty good I love the characters and the story but the severe Graves withdrawal that I was suffering wasn't cured and the issues which were forced upon me have dragged this book down a star. I thoroughly recomend this book but I just want to point out that it contains swearing and isn't suitable for younger teens, and those who don't like bad language should avoid this.

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