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Monday, 11 July 2011

Divine By Blood by P.C Cast

On the Back of the Book
"You are divine by blood and have power beyond your wildest imaginings."
Morrigan bit her lip. Power beyond her wildest imaginings... Wow! That must be some power, because she definitely had an excellent imagination.
Conceived in a lie to a goddess plagued by evil and a father who sacrificed himself to stop her, Morrigan is raised as a normal girl in Oklahoma.

Now eighteen, Morrigan is finally learning the truth about her past and discovering an ability to harness magic. Finding her way to Partholon, she hopes to be respected as the daughter of the goddess - she's ready to be worshipped!

But Morrigan is plagued by doubt - are the voices she hears a connection with the goddess of Epona, or the evil that controlled her mother?

My Thoughts

This book isn't as bad as the previous effort in the series, although I'm not sure it's actually possible for a book to be that bad. Saying that though this book was screaming "edit me!" the whole time I was reading it. There are some pretty simple spelling and grammar issues (I think you mean 'very pleased' not 'well pleased'.) unless of course P.C. Cast wanted to come across as a chav (I'm not sure if there are chavs anywhere but Britain though.) I think this 'trilogy' (why would you add more books to a trilogy?) should have stayed locked away.

I still didn't find a character I could relate to and as this was the final part of a trilogy I find that diabolical. Morrigan was incredibly stupid throughout the novel. I found her entire storyline to be obvious so either I am exceptionally clever and need to be monitored by fellow geniuses or this story was badly written. I think it might be the latter (unfortunately.) None of the other characters stood out for me, they were dull fading into the back of my mind the second I closed the book. Also just because this amused me, I was reading the front of the book where the copyright info is and it mentioned that none of the characters are based on real people. I thought fair enough but then on the next page P.C. Cast says that the characters are based on friends and family. I wish they'd make up their bloomin' minds, they're giving me a headache.

Overall I'm wondering why I wasted my money on these. The only thing going for this book is the fact that Morrigan isn't as annoying as Shannon, who thankfully doesn't appear in this one much. The story was predictable, the ending was rushed, the characters unbelievable, I could go on all night but I won't, I have better things to do with my time.

My Rating

2 stars - I was actually going to give this 3 stars but then I started writing my review. That's when I realised that it didn't deserve any more than what it's received. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy, even my partner in crime (my pet cat Mischief) refuses to give this book the time of day and normally he's not very fussy.

A Final Note

Sex, swearing, crimes against writing. This book has it all. This is an adult book so not one for young teens. Actually I'd just avoid this altogether unless you're a glutton for punishment.

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