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Thursday, 14 February 2013

***Review*** John Doe (Rizzoli and Isles short story) by Tess Gerritsen

On The Back Of The Book

 It should have been a night to remember, but Maura Isles can’t recall a thing.Maura is at a party. A handsome man approaches. He’s charming and sophisticated. She flirts and drinks champagne. And then nothing. Total blackness. Nothing, that is, apart from these two facts: a man is dead and her address is found in his pocket . . .

My Review 

A Quick Note (which is also a spoiler, sorry)  

This short story deals with rape and the consequences of it. If rape is a trigger for you then maybe don't pick this up  

Why did I read this? 

I read this as a nice, quick way to finish off the entire Rizzoli and Isles series. I kinda think maybe I should've read this BEFORE Last To Die though. I didn't know that when I started it though but never mind.  

What did I think of this book? 

 I think that it's an entertaining, short read. I read this in under an hour. I didn't have to think too hard about the plot and once again: I GUESSED THE PERP. Ms Gerritsen is really gonna have to work hard to get me to get this wrong. I think that this could partly be due to the length of the story, there wasn't really room to keep the reader guessing.  

What did I think of the characters? 

This short story didn't help my relationship with the characters. I've been through 10 novels (and 2 short stories) and I still don't really feel like I know a whole lot about the characters. I can get that the author wants to keep us focused on the crime and the case developments but sometimes it's nice to step away from that and see the people behind the jobs. although saying that we've been through Maura's love life but that mainly makes me want to throttle her. Sleeping with a priest? REALLY?  

What did I like about this book? 

I don't know actually... ummmm... well the writing is always solid with Gerritsen. I know that when I'm reading her books I can expect quality. I also liked that although it was a short story the whole thing felt like it had been planned out.

What didn't I like about this book? 

 I feel that this story was more full novel material as opposed to a short story. I'd still like to feel closer to the characters but you can't have everything. I would've liked more development but overall I liked the story and its execution.  

My Rating 

Giving this more than 3 stars would make me feel like I'm being overly generous but less would be rude. This is a good story which kept me reading but it didn't have a wow factor for me.  

Would I recommend this? 

As I said about Last To Die, yes, I think I would. It's probably more for people who are into the mystery genre though as it doesn't really grab me in an OMG THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER! sort of way... but then again, I'm not the target audience.

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