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Thursday, 28 February 2013

*** Review*** Flood & Fire by Emily Diamand

On the Back of the Book

Flooded England, 2216...

Lilly Melkun has outwitted the bloodthirsty Reavers, who prowl the waters that cover most of England - and escaped to Cambridge. But Lilly is far from safe, because still in her keeping is PSAI, the last hand-held computer in existence - a now malfunctioning treasure from the past. Inside the jewellike computer, is a sinister looking chip with an unknown purpose.

Worse follows, when the professors of Cambridge plug it into an ancient mainframe computer setting in motion a fiery chain of eents leading back to London. A false, anti-terrorist alert has been activated. Strange, out-of-control robots from a long-ago technological time, threaten to use 'maximum force' to control everything in their way.

Once again, it's up to Lilly, Zeph and friends to save the world from burning

Pre Read Thoughts
Old review so I’ll just write what I put at the time.

I actually won this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads thing. I’m not gonna lie it was ages ago ad I did start it... but I kinda misplaced it. (I do that a lot don’t I?) On the bright side look it has my name in it!!! So I read other books and when I found this I put at the top of my to read list. The RRP is £6.99 but on Kindle it’s £4.98 and paperback is £5.24. As stated I got mine free but I won’t let that change my opinion of the book. I love how bright the cover is and the flames and the water really bring the title to life. The Synopsis sounds interesting and if this is anything like book 1 it’ll be a good read.

Post Read Thoughts

Whoa! Well that certainly was an action-packed ride. I have to say that I can see why I misplaced it as the book took a hundred or so pages to get going. There’s no point in me pointing out that the spelling is diabolical as it’s spelt how Lilly says it. That did irritate for a while I will admit but I managed to get past it. Once I got into the story I found it so much easier to read and I loved how it didn’t let up for one moment.

Lilly Lilly’s the main character. I like Lilly; I love how brave she is though I’d have liked to see some sadness when she thought of her Granny. She has some great ideas and has adapted well to the situations she’s been thrown into.

Lexy Alexandra is the daughter of the Primeminister of the final ten counties. She’s with Lilly because she got kidnapped in book 1and Lilly is trying to get her home. Lexy has developed into her own person and can see the flaws in the way her father runs England.

Zeph Zephaniah Untamed is the new boss of Angel Isling after the death of his father but it’s not going too well for him. After making a deal with the Reaver council he has to decide whether to sell out his Family or his friends. I couldn’t keep up with Zeph in this one and that made it hard to judge him. I do think he did the right thing in the end though.

Overall this is an action-packed ride. It packs plenty of danger, decisions and sheer awesomeness in 457 pages. If you don’t mind waiting for the story to find its feet and the fact that nearly everything is spelt slightly wrong then this is the perfect book for you! I’m glad that I won it because it’s the sort of thing I read anyway!

My Rating

4 Stars This is really good, I loved it. I recommend it to kids and adults alike because it has something for everyone and our heroes are perfectly enjoyable and not at all controversial. There’s a bit of murder but hey! It’s after the end of the world, this stuff happens sometimes!

A Final Note
I wrote this review in 2012 but what I say still stands because I remember liking the book. 

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