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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

***Review*** Last To Die (Rizzoli & Isles #10) by Tess Gerritsen

On The Back Of The Book

For the second time in his short life, Teddy Clock has survived a massacre. Two years ago, he barely escaped when his entire family was slaughtered. Now, at fourteen, in a hideous echo of the past, Teddy is the lone survivor of his foster family’s mass murder. Orphaned once more, the traumatized teenager has nowhere to turn—until the Boston PD puts detective Jane Rizzoli on the case. Determined to protect this young man, Jane discovers that what seemed like a coincidence is instead just one horrifying part of a relentless killer’s merciless mission.

Jane spirits Teddy to the exclusive Evensong boarding school, a sanctuary where young victims of violent crime learn the secrets and skills of survival in a dangerous world. But even behind locked gates, and surrounded by acres of sheltering Maine wilderness, Jane fears that Evensong’s mysterious benefactors aren’t the only ones watching. When strange blood-splattered dolls are found dangling from a tree, Jane knows that her instincts are dead on. And when she meets Will Yablonski and Claire Ward, students whose tragic pasts bear a shocking resemblance to Teddy’s, it becomes chillingly clear that a circling predator has more than one victim in mind.

Joining forces with her trusted partner, medical examiner Maura Isles, Jane is determined to keep these orphans safe from harm. But an unspeakable secret dooms the children’s fate—unless Jane and Maura can finally put an end to an obsessed killer’s twisted quest.

Why did I read this? 

Good question... the answer is so not cool for my image as a sensible adult though.... which is: I love the TV show OMG!!! Sasha Alexander is Maura and by golly gosh I adored her in NCIS!!! However: Ziva is better. This is unrelated to this review but whatever... *fangirls* So yeah I like the show so I read the books... ALL OF THEM.  

What did I think of this book? 

Well, it's quite good actually, one of the better Rizzoli and Isles that's for sure. It did drag on a bit and was just a tad bit obvious... okay, more than a tad I guessed the ending and when you're writing a mystery that's not a good thing but in Ms Gerritsen's defence I'm really rather good at these things... This is what happens when you watch 7 seasons of Criminal Minds back to back. You solve crimes like a pro. Again unrelated to this review, I'm sorry.  

What did I think of the characters?  

Well... If it was purely about the characters I'd have left this series a LONG time ago. They aren't the best. I personally don't connect with them or feel ANYTHING for them. They could die and I'd just go "oh well, now what?" This make me sound unfeeling. My mum didn't bring me up like that. I feel like a let down.... SORRY MUMMEH!!! Again unrelated to the review, sorry. So yes, if you'd like to sympathise with the characters they're much nicer on the TV show.  

What did I like about this book? 

 I liked the writing, I can't fault Ms Gerritsen's writing,it kept me reading and I didn't stop mid-sentence like "What on Earth is this trash? Who told this person they could write?" I've done that before TRUST ME. Also the premise of the book is amazing. I love the idea of how it all falls into place. Although it can sometimes feel rushed, a lot of the time you get all the action in the last 10% or so of the novel and maybe just spread it out a bit. Keep things on the backburner. We can live with tension, it keeps us hooked.  

What didn't I like about this book? 

 I think I've pretty much mentioned what I didn't like which was the predictability and the lack of emotional attachment to the characters. Otherwise I found my experience of this book to be enjoyable. I read it with my cat. And by that I mean he sat with me. He doesn't know how to read.  

My rating?  

Simply because 3 stars on GR means "I liked it" and I did like it. It's a solid little mystery though a little predictable for me. Tess Gerritsen's been writing for years and she's gained a solid fan base in her target audience and they'll adore this, but for a casual reader of her genre I think there are better books.  

Would I recommend this?  

Yes, I think I would. To fans of Gerritsen and maybe fans of the whole mystery genre. Maybe they'll be able to give it the extra two stars I couldn't.  

PS I haven't written a review in ages and I'm hopelessly out of practice. Never the less I hope you've enjoyed this, I'm now off to rage at Firefox for trying to make me spell like an American, it's nothing personal but I'm British!!

1 comment:

The Librarian said...

I love the Rizzoli& Isles series (book). I haven't seen the tv show yet, although I have seen some vid's on youtube and Jane and Maura are not the same from the books.

I really need to get my hands on this book. have you read The Silent Girl? would you be able to tell me if John Tam is in this book (Last to Die)?


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