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Friday, 22 March 2013

***Page 99 Test*** Pig-Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman

What’s the Page 99 Test?

Well the page 99 test was created by Ford Maddox Ford as a way to test the quality of a book you may want to read. Apparently page 99 is the point in the book where the author should have hit their stride and hopefully we’re not so far in we hit spoilers.

On the Back of the Book

Cameron is thirteen and desperately in need of a heart transplant when a pioneering doctor approaches his family with a startling proposal. He can give Cameron a new heart — but not one from a human, one from a pig.

It’s never been done before. It’s experimental, risky and very controversial. But Cameron is fed up with just sitting on the side of life, always watching and never doing. He has to try — to become the world’s first pig-heart boy.

The Test Paragraph

“I nodded, looking around. I took more of an interest in my surroundings. I wasn’t in my room any more. There were machines all around me and I had an intravenous drip attached to each arm. Pads on my chest were hooked up to the heart monitor beside the bed. I had what looked like crocodile clips attached to the ends of two fingers and there was some kind of cuff around one of my ankles. I felt like Pinocchio before he had his strings cut! I looked up at the intravenous bags on either side of me. I pointed to the left one. “What’s in that?” I indicated with my head.”

My Thoughts
Okay, so let’s start with the synopsis: The synopsis and title are what brought me to this book. It tells you enough to make you intrigued but not enough that you can guess what happens. I like that, it’s not cryptic but it’s not a massive spoiler zone.

The cover: So bright!!! My cover is red, I loke that, I think it’s meant to be a heart, which fits with the title. And the title is like when you cut letters from magazine articles and stick them together and it’s a mish-mash. I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s definitely eye catching I have to say.

The paragraph: The paragraph starts on 98 and moves on to 99. I think it paints a vivid scene of hospital which means that we’re getting to the action of the title. This actually shows one of the reasons why I enjoy Malorie’s writing, her descriptions always make me happy to read. I quite like this paragraph, I’d definitely read the rest of the book because of it.

What do you guys think of the sound of Pig-Heart Boy?
Let me know in the comments!


AwesomeAmy said...

It's so good it's really made me sad... Why this month no go perfectly? :P I'm sure it'll go better soon! The poison pen technique is used on the cover of 'Dangerous Reality' which I got yesterday too :D It's not on any other of the books I own/am fostering - my Pig Heart Boy Edition is very different! :D

Charmaine Sharpe said...

Aww... I know. I still have like 3 Malorie books on my TBR!! I have it on my copy of The Deadly Dare Mysteries too!! Is it? I can't find my copy of Pig-Heart Boy on GR. :(

AwesomeAmy said...

If I haven't heard from Malorie by Wed I'm not reading it. Authors will lose exposure... Apart from that I have half of Dead Gorgeous and all of Dangerous Reality! Do you still want to do a guest review of Boys don't cry?
I can make your edition- GR me all known info.


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