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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers by Louise Rennison

On the Back of the Book

Read the crazy confessions of Georgia Nicolson in her hilarious, bestselling diary.

What is the matter with my life? Why is it so deeply unfab?
  • It's a day and a half since I snogged the Sex God...
  • I think I have snog withdrawal. My lips keep puckering up...
  • I tried snogging the back of my hand, but it's no good...
  • I wonder if the Sex God is having second thoughts about me because of my nose...
  • I have a HUGE nose that means I have to live for ever in the Ugly Home.
My Thoughts

The second Georgia Nicolson book picks up right where book one ends. I love how even the simple things always seem to lead to disaster for our heroine. The writing is excellent and I love how the characterizations seem real and extreme at the same time. Another thing I've always loved is the craziness of it and even though it's a bit bonkers I can easily see the events taking place.

I love the simplicity of the book, there's no stupid, immortal war or a stupidly heavy love story. This is a book from a time I like to call 'Before Twilight' and boy was that time good for the YA genre. I guess you can say that overall I really enjoyed the book. There were so many laugh out loud moments and at times I found myself having to stop reading in order to control my giggles.

My Rating

5 stars - When I read a book like this I forget about the world and everything in it. For me, a morning doesn't get any better than reading a book of this quality whilst snuggling up with my cat.

A Final Note

I believe that in America this book is actually called: On The Bright Side I Am Now The Girlfriend Of A Sex God. What a catchy title! Not.
  • Book summary from the back of the book
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1 comment:

JosephineBrookmansBlog said...

iam currently reading this book and you are right but there is one thing you didn't mention you can no way go outside with your book or you will look like a total 'loon on loon tablets!'


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