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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

***Review*** The Kin: Suth's Story (The Kin #1) by Peter Dickinson

On the Back of the Book

Suth is the leader now. It is up to him to bring the others to safety.

The Kins have been scattered and the old, good ways are gone for ever. Only Suth's skill and courage can save his little band of orphansas he leads them on a desperate journey out of the desert. The discovery of a mysterious, green valley seems to promise safety. But Suth suspects that the unknown Kin who live there could be the most dangerous enemy of all...

Pre Read Thoughts

I don't remember what drew me to this book in order for me to buy the whole set but it was a couple of years ago now. Actually it was probably because I have this desperate urge to buy books every time I go out. I bought the series at my favourite used book shop for £1.50 each (That makes £6 for the whole series. That's cheaper than one brand new book.) The whole series are in excellent condition and I'm very happy with my purchase. The cover is striking, it really appeals to me even though I'm 20 and this is a kids book. The synopsis is really intriguing and makes me really excited to read the book.

Post Read Thoughts

Wow. I loved this book so much. The scene setting was incredible and the chapters being broken up with oldtales inbetween them really helped to keep the story fresh and added depth to the whole thing. I loved the oldtales because they gave an insight into how the people believed their world began. The writing was exquisite, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also want to point out that the premise intrigued me and I'm so glad I enjoyed this story because I would've been gutted if I hadn't.

The only character that truly matters in this story is Suth because it's his story into the world of adulthood. He's written extremely well and doesn't automatically get everything he's ever desired. His emotions are well portrayed and I think they're obvious even to the kids that this book is actually aimed at. Although Suth is the most important character, he wasn't my favourite. My favourite character was a girl called Tinu. I think she was written realistically and I loved every moment that she was on the page.

Overall I adored this, really I did. The premise is huge and would make an awesome adult novel but the author has managed to make it an awesome kids story. I keep saying kids because I can't believe it, I personally think it's harder to make a story understandable for children as you aren't always sure what words they know and which they don't. As I have already said, the writing was stellar and the story solid. I recommend this to people of all ages.

My Rating

4 stars - This is a solid opening to this 4 part series. I never considered giving this 5 stars although I'm not entirely sure why., maybe I would have liked more detail and a longer story? I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.

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