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Sunday, 24 March 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** One Year

One year of living,
When is it the last time?
The last day,
The last night,
The last breath,
The last sigh.

One year of silently dying,
Why can’t anyone see,
I’m slowly choking,
Slowly screaming,
Slowly wasting,
Slowly losing.

One year of clawing back from the brink,
Fighting to please the world,
Constantly being,
Constantly growing,
Constantly knowing,
Constantly hoping.

One year of slowly conquering the planet,
Then I’ll move on to the universe,
Conquering demons,
Conquering fears,
Conquering nightmares,
Conquering you. 

Well nearly eight years,
But it’s a long hard road,
You took so much,
You’ll take no more,
I have so much,
And now I want more. 


Trish Hannon said...

Thanks sharing this with us, you are much braver than I am to do this.

Sad but hopeful :)

Charmaine Sharpe said...

Aww thanks! Writing poetry is a hobby and sharing is always nice! Gotta admit these are the posts I tend to get nervous about!

Ooh that's just what I was going for! :-)


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