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Thursday, 1 September 2011

***Review*** The Kin: Noli's Story (The Kin #2) by Peter Dickinson

On the Back of the Book

Noli heard Moonhawk's voice inside her head. 'Go!' it said. She felt the mountain shudder. Was there time to escape?

Noli, Suth and their little band of orphans are all that's left of the brave Moonhawk Kin. Fleeing from an erupting volcano, they seek safety in a huge ravine. But Noli's visions warn of more terrifying violence from beneath the earth... And when they reach what seems to be safety they find a new and fearsome enemy waiting for them.

Pre Read Thoughts

As with book one this was an impulse buy. It cost me £1.50 at the same used book shop and is in excellent condition considering it's 12 years old. The cover illustration is stunning, I adore it. I think it's a lot different to what would be put on the cover of a children's book now. The synopsis is enough to intrigue you and make you want to delve into the story. I'm really excited to see if this book's as good as its predecessor.

Post Read Thoughts

I have to say that I loved this one too. It was every bit as good as Suth's Story. The scene setting was once again incredible, I could picture the landscapes in my mind clearly. I also adored the oldtales in between the chapters. They add another story into the mix as we learn of the legends and beliefs of the Kins. Once again the writing was of great quality and I found myself craving more.

The main character of this story is a girl called Noli (as you'd probably figured from the title). I liked her in the first book and I liked her even more in this one. She is wise beyond her years and her maturity shines through beautifully. Although Noli is likeable I wouldn't go so far as to say I loved her. Once again my favourite character was Tinu, she was even better in this book. She's a painfully shy girl but she's also incredibly intelligent and her ideas help to keep the Kin alive.

Overall this is another awesome story. I can see the ideas growing as each Kin member becomes an adult and also as they discover new things about the world that they live in. The writing is really good, the author knows exactly what he's doing and it shows. Once again I recommend this to people of all ages.

My Rating

4 stars - Another book that deserves 4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact  I wish it were longer, I'd have loved to know some of the things that happened in more detail. In a way being a children's book is what stops this from getting 5 stars.

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