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Sunday, 26 May 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** A Few Words About Fear

***So I just wanted to add a little beginning note. I'm actually really pleased with this one. I've been in a very dark mood so it's dark and pessimistic but it's what I do best.***

Can’t help but feel there’s more you haven’t said,
Those pesky words of doubt inside my head.
Being told that I can’t hide, but I must watch you run away,
Life’s so unfair and it seems people are all the same.
So I lay trapped with memories that won’t turn to dust,
And a heart that’s so unused it’s started to rust.
Walls have started to crumble but I need them back,
Because time is coming and it’s ready to attack.
My defence is wide open so take your aim,
I’m the only one I will ever blame.

Drama queens lie and sob in the dark,
But this one will always need a spark.
The fear of being swallowed whole consuming all thoughts,
Knowing that they can never ever be bought.
Wandering away from what I originally wanted to say,
Forever scared of losing what the world sent my way.
Because I know what I want and I’m still in free fall,
The hardness of reality something I don’t ever want to hear call.
Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming,
My happiness is always fleeting.

I make my own nightmares, don’t need you to try,
Just sit and wait while my brain creates a new lie.
It loves to torment every action given half a chance,
And it always gets that because it has the power to entrance.
So take your words and heart and soul,
Don’t give them to me, my love is black as coal.
You’ll just be forced to watch the damage I’ll accidentally inflict,
A disaster zone and more awaits for this new conflict.
I’ve failed myself because I always do,
So take this promise and don’t stop running: I’ll never intentionally hurt you.


Kaykay Obi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaykay Obi said...

This is a lovely, dark poem, Charmaine. I like it, and I thought the rhymes were cool. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Kaykay @ The Creative Forum


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