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Sunday, 5 May 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** Take Your Aim

Feeling stalked, am I your prey?
Hurting as the words hit their mark.
Struggling to breathe, is that what you wanted?
Revenge that you're not the hero you thought.
Legs collapse, is this where you need me?
The scapegoat of your sick game.
Memories overwhelm, do you see what you've done?
Now I am broken again.

Why must you torment me?
Leave it well alone,
Or am I not allowed a defence? 

Why must I keep looking?
I know what you're doing,
Do you have to keep fighting this senselessness?

I refuse to let you beat me,
Unleash your pack,
They're clueless to what you are.
I refuse to be silent,
So take your aim,
I'm here to make it easier.


1 comment:

K Marie said...

I really like this! Keep up the amazing work :)


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