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Sunday, 19 May 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** Untitled 2

Can’t think of words,
As the world turns black,
Just thinking of meaningless things,
Letting them drag me down,
Into a swirling ocean of pain,
There’s nothing to hold onto,
Forever falling,
Forever failing,
Just watching my universe die.

Into the light,
Is a dream that fades away,
That’s if it ever was.
These things can never be true,
They can’t survive forever,
Too fragile to call my own,
My heart’s a broken galaxy,
That tried to silently cry in death,
But you won’t leave it be.

There’s something I know,
But I really shouldn’t,
And it’s tearing me apart,
Standing to attention,
As the world tumbles down,
Caving in on itself,
Taking control,
Taking our souls,
It’s waiting for us to end ourselves.

Sitting on the sidelines,
There’s no revolution to fall back on,
Just listen and learn,
While they blow your mind,
As space and time implode,
Is that all they have?
A world of black,
A world of nothing,
A world that broke my heart.

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