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Sunday, 12 May 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** Through the Rain

The stars shine so bright,
But what if they all fall down tonight?
Raining their light on me.
No longer impossible to see,
Burning brighter than the sun,
Could it be I’m the impossible one?

Waiting and waiting, I forget what for,
Could it be the final curtain call?
The darkness lingering, it wants the end.
Feeling the world start to break and bend,
There’s no resistance to my blackened heart,
Finding a new way of control, such a beautiful art.

Blink once, no twice, you’re secretly always there,
Why must you torment me with things I cannot bear?
Living the life of a shadow in nothing.
Impatiently feeling the moment changing.
So as you start to fade away,
Know that I had to learn to see through the rain. 

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