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Friday, 16 September 2011

***Review*** City of Bones Mortal Instruments #1 by Cassandra Clare

On the Back of the Book

Clary Fray is seeing things. First she witnesses three teenagers stab a boy in a New York Nightclub - then the victim vanishes before her very eyes. Her mother has disappeared, and a hideous monster is lurking in her apartment. With her life spiralling into darkness, Clary discovers she has stumbled across an invisible war between ancient demonic forces and the secretive Shadowhunters - a war in which she may have a fateful role to play.

Pre Read Thoughts

I have a cnfession to make: I've been avoiding this series. It's had so much hype and I'm the girl who hates Vampire Academy and thinks that the Hunger Games is average. I have high standards and I don't think this series will live up to them. Also this series has been endorsed by Stephenie Meyer and my opinion of her is pretty low so I don't trust her opinion. However I had to pick this up when it got chosen as a September group read for the GR group I moderate. I managed to find a used copy for the princely sum of £1.90. Another upside is I have the old cover that doesn't have a shining, naked man on it. Saying that, I don't like that cover either, neither of them grab me and make me want to read the book. Finally I want to point out that I detest the synopsis. It makes Clary sound like she belongs in a mental asylum.

Post Read Thoughts

I don't know what to say. Trust me, I don't mean that in a good way. I can't describe how I feel about this book. I will say this though: it frustrates me. It could have been amazing like so many other YA books could have been amazing, but it isn't, it's rubbish. The execution is poor, things aren't explained properly, the pacing is a disgrace (It reminded me of the VA pacing), there are major continuity issues and worst of all it's predictable. I could see everything coming from a mile off. I hate that, I read a book to escape not to sit here and whinge once I've finished it.

On to the characters. I'm going to start with Simon because he's easily the least annoying of the love triangle but that may be because he's barely involved. I figured out on page 1 that he was in love with Clary, the author didn't even bother to hide it, this just made Clary seem even more stupid when he told her. Next up on my hit list: Jace. I hate him. He's an idiot, there's absolutely nothing sexy about a guy who thinks he knows everything and not only that but he's the best at doing it all. His sarcasm grew old quickly, especially as Clary and Simon are also sarcastic. Sarcasm overload from the main characters and I like sarcasm. Some of his actions didn't make sense with how he came across and I didn't feel like he was actually even attracted to Clary. Speaking of Clary. She's my worst enemy when it comes to this book. She's boring, woe is me, stupid, blind, self-centred and lacks personality. Well of course she lacks personality, this is an alarming trend in YA at the moment. She's another self insert where teens can pretend that Jace is their boyfriend and that they're in love and it's going to last forever and ever. Well I'm 20 years old and I expect more than that from a character. I'm not asking for much, just a little depth. Anyway... I'm ranting. I shall tell you how I feel about Clary in a sentence: I detest her.

Overall this is one of the worst books I've read all year. I can't think of one positive thing to say about it. It's rubbish and I hate it and after I've read the trilogy if I see the name 'Cassandra Clare' it will be too soon and may cause me to do damage to something close to me. This author is hereby banned from Basically Books! for as long as I moderate the group. I am not going through this again.

My Rating

1 star - I was going to give this 2 to be nice but writing this review has showed me just how much I detest this book. I am so upset about this book that I'm currently in mourning for all the trees that lost their lives so that this could be printed. No tree deserves to die for this. I recommend this to no one in the world especially not the impressionable 12 year olds that this is 'suitable' for.


Jeshu~ said...

Should I sacrifice myself for the sake of the group? XD I have it (though I didn't buy it, I got through "alternative" ways), and duty tells me to read it XD
But I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so much. I'm sorry that you had to read a book you hated but your descriptions were hilarious! I love your reviewing.


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