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Sunday, 4 September 2011

***Review*** The Kin: Ko's Story (The Kin #3) by Peter Dickinson

On the Back of the Book

Ko is full of dreams. In his imagination he's always the hero who saves the Kin. Now he must face real dangers, real enemies...

The rains have failed, there is no food, and starving beasts are one of the many perils that face the Moonhawk Kin. Their long journey in search of Good Places meets an impassable marsh, where hungry crocodiles lie in wait. Ko, of course, dreams of finding a way across. And his adventures lead the Kin to an astonishing discovery ...

Pre Read Thoughts

As with the rest of the series, this was an impulse buy I made a couple of years ago. It cost me £1.50 at my favourite used book shop and it's in incredibly good condition. The cover illustration is once again absolutely stunning, it tells you so much about the story at a glance. The synopsis is filled with danger and tension and it makes me want to read the book so much.

Post Read Thoughts

This didn't grab me as much as the previous two books. I wasn't entirely sure why at first but I figured it out a bit later on in the paragraph. This book doesn't lack anything that the other two had, the scene setting was beautiful, the oldtale was wonderful and the writing sublime. Now I'll get on to why I didn't fully enjoy this book as I promised I would. It wasn't the book in any way, shape or form, it was me. I've been distracted all day in preparation of one of my other passions in life: the British Touring Car Championship qualifying (It's a form of motorsport and my personal favourite. Just in case you were wondering).

The main character of this story is Ko and I have to say I really liked him, he reminds me of myself. He's a dreamer and I found myself connecting with him in a way that I hadn't with Suth and Noli. I hadn't liked him in the previous books because some of his actions were incredibly stupid and although he's hardly mature in this one I found myself liking him anyway. Noli, Suth, Tan and Tinu aren't mentioned as much in this one and I think that it's a shame as the closeness they had in books 1 and 2 was integral to the story.

Overall I liked the book but my distraction and quite possibly the lack of chemistry between the characters made this book slightly less enjoyable. I still liked the author's writing style but some things that I personally thought were important weren't mentioned and I'd have liked them to be. I think if you've read the previous books it's definitely worth picking this one up.

My Rating

3.5 stars - A great book but probably the weakest in the series. I still want the books to be longer so that, as the reader I can learn more about the lives of the Kin members. I can't wait to read the final book in the series.

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