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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

***Series Review*** The Kin by Peter Dickinson

I think that an overall review is a great way to summarise a series without having to trawl through the internet without looking for loads of reviews.


1. Brilliant premise

2. Well Written

3. Full of excitement

4. Beautiful covers

5. The oldtales between the chapters add another layer to the story.


1. I didn't find the characters easy to connect with.

2. They got a bit repetitive

3. Quite a lot of people die.

4. The language is quite simple as it's a children's book.

5.  They were'n long enough.

Best Book: Both Suth's Story and Noli's Story are equally as good.

Worst Book: Mana's Story

My Rating

3.5 stars - Although flawed and weakened by the final story this is still a quality series. if you have children or just like books about how human evolution may have happened then you should definitely give this series a read.

The Individual Reviews

The Kin: Suth's Story
The Kin: Noli's Story
The Kin: Ko's Story
The Kin: Mana's Story

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Tara- Jayne said...

Like how you have did a series review :D LOL.. i should of did this.. Oops lol



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