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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

***Author Interview*** Jack Croxall

Interviews are something that I've been wanting to do for a while. I finally put some questions together and Jack bravely volunteered to be my test subject very first interviewee.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course! I grew up in rural Nottinghamshire before studying Environmental Science at University, getting into science writing and eventually penning my first novel.

General let’s get to know you:

1.     Do you write under your own name or with a pseudonym? If yes why did you choose that name? If no what would be your pseudonym?
I use my own name. If I were to use any other title I’m afraid it would probably be something a bit boring like J.A. Croxall!

2.     What do you do when you’re not writing?
Reading of course – a multitude of genres which all helps with my writing. I’m also into science and wildlife and have been known to present the odd nature video!

3.     Do you have any pets/children (they’re pretty much the same right? :P)? And do you find that they can be distracting?
I have a chocolate Labrador named Archie (no children). He’s only one and a half but already he’s far more famous around my hometown than I’m ever likely to be! As for distracting me, he’s really good – he usually just curls up and goes to sleep at my feet when I write.

4.     What’s your favourite snack food?
Dark chocolate, I never say no to dark chocolate.

5.     A lot of writers drink a lot of caffeine, do you? If yes in what form?
No, but I think there’s caffeine in dark chocolate, right? (After a quick trip to Google I can confirm there is!)

About Your Book:

1.     What inspired you to write your book?
The book started off as a single scene that arrived inexplicably in my head. My protagonist (a Victorian teenager named Karl from the beginning) was walking down a street, excited by something he had previously seen in the house he intended to sneak into. I started writing with nothing but that scene in mind because I wanted to find out what that something was, and why Karl was so intrigued by it. Almost immediately Karl was joined by a girl named Esther, which was a surprise, and the whole story escalated from there.

2.     Who was your favourite and least favourite characters to write?
Esther, with her volatile temper and vast array of Victorian insults was by far my favourite. Least favourite? That’s tough, maybe Dr Parfitt as I had to get his manner just right for reasons I won’t go into here ...

3.     Did you have a playlist while you wrote your book? If so can we have a sneak peek of it?
Yes, check it out here:

4.     How long did it take you to write your book and what distracts you the most?
It took a whopping two years, and the internet of course!
  1. Would you ever consider writing more stories featuring your character?
 Yes, I’m writing the second part of my trilogy now.

About books in general:

1.     What is your favourite book(s)?
Too many to name but His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman has a special place in my heart (and my bookshelf).

2.     Is there a book/series that you wish you’d written?
Again, too many to name. But I really wish I could have written The Wind on Fire trilogy, those books are just incredible.

3.     How do you like to read?
In front of the fire with no one else around!

4.     Which authors inspired you to write?
I’d say the two I’ve just mentioned above had a big hand in it.

5.     How has your taste in books evolved over the years?
Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve loved YA and nothing has changed since then. However I do read quite widely nowadays and I think it’s a good thing for any writer to do – staying within the confines of your the genre you write is counterproductive.

 Quick fire:

1.     Morning or night person?
Both, it’s afternoons I can’t do!

2.     TV or books?

3.     British or American accent?

4.     Cats or dogs?

5.     Writing on paper or laptop?
Laptop; it’s just easier to change things.

Purchasing and getting in touch

1.     In a sentence why should people buy your book?
Because it’s an adventure with far more at stake than the main characters realise.

2.     What formats is your book available in?
At the moment, ebook only. I’m working on changing that however.

3.     Where can we buy your book?
Amazon UK ( or Amazon US (

4.     Where can we follow you on Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter: @JackCroxall (

5.     Do you have a website?
Yes, do pop over for a visit!

Well, massive thanks to Jack for spending his time answering my (quite frankly, amazing) questions!! And if you go on to Amazon TODAY (5/3/2013) you can pick up your copy of Tethers for FREE!! 


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