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Saturday, 30 March 2013

*** Review*** Computer Ghost (The Deadly Dare Mysteries) by Malorie Blackman

There's nothing unusual about getting emails from your dad . . . unless he died a few months ago. In Computer Ghost Jade asks Theo, Ricky and Angela to help her find out what's going on. Could the mysterious, desperate messages really be from a ghost? One thing's for sure. Whoever is behind them wants something badly - and they'll stop at nothing to get it . . .

I’m choosing this because:

Well, this is book two in a three book omnibus so I’d guess I’m reading this because I’m reading the book.  Also, March is Malorie Blackman month so there’s another reason, and finally I need my TBR pile to shrink.  Reading this helps!  As far as I can remember the reason I picked this up is the synopsis, always a good reason to pick up a book in my opinion! Oh and don't forget,  Malorie Blackman month is hosted with Amy Bookworm.

Judging a book by its cover:

Well it’s purple with the poison pen style writing that was on my copy of ‘Pig-Heart Boy’ (OMG!! I have matching covers!!!) and I have to say it’s really eye-catching!! I do love bright covers, they really brighten up bookshops everywhere!! I think it played a major part of me buying it. I love a good cover me!! So shallow, sometimes it can only lead to disappointment though...

Pricing the (possible) awesomeness:

Well.. You want a price... of course you do. I paid £2.50 and purchased it from my local British Heart Foundation charity shop (YAY!!! Helping those with heart issues!!). However You want to know about it new don’t you? Amazon have this for £4.49 paperback and £4.27 on Kindle. I got it cheaper... HA!

This story is just as good as the first ‘Deadly Dare Mysteries’ book, in fact I think it’s slightly better!  With Theo’s P O V and character firmly I knew to expect some fun and Theo delivered!  With the thing I liked about this is that it managed to feel like a natural continuation of ‘Deadly Dare’ and I didn’t feel like everything that had happened prior to the start of this adventure.  The actual mystery had me convinced that events were going to unfold differently to what they did.  I really appreciated this as the reader because predictability puts me off the story and how the author actually decided how the plot is going to come together in the end.  The pace of the story made reading a complete pleasure and I rapidly read the 120 or so pages.  As you’ve gathered the story is short but what it lacks in length it makes up for by being action packed and engrossing.  Once again I found myself thoroughly enjoying Malorie’s writing.  I never seem to be able to fault it.

Jade – she’s the first of two new characters.  She’s also the reason we have the story.  I love it when a girl she’s getting emails off a ghost!  What we see of her is mainly what she goes through as she tries to deal with what’s happening to her.  I liked what I saw of her and I really hope that we get to see more of her in the next instalment of the ‘Deadly Dare Mysteries’.

Bullet – that isn’t his actual name (I’d be worried if it was!) It’s his nickname, his real name is Toby (hang on a minute, the main character in ‘Double Cross’ was called Tobey... name overlap!!) He’s the other new character. He’s a bit (lot) of a computer geek and I think that could lead to some interesting developments investigating wise... *thinks of illegal computer activities* Or they could stop illegal computer activities! Okay, now I’m inventing plot ideas. He has a small but integral role and I look forward to reading more of him.

Ricky – He has a bigger part in this book. I love how he’s light and cheerful one moment but how his mood intensifies and darkens as emotions get the best of him. Although I think all of the characters are nice, Ricky is quickly becoming my favourite. He’s fun but responsible and allows Theo to be the leader (even though he’d probably do a better job), sometimes though his impulsiveness leads him in to trouble. It’d be great to go on an adventure with him though!

Overall this is a quick, fun to read for kids! It’s very short so there isn’t pages of unnecessary build up for an ending that wasn’t worth waiting for. The writing keeps things interesting and doesn’t over complicate matters. In my opinion writing for many genres can be challenging as you have to constantly evolve your style to suit different audiences but Malorie Blackman always manages to pull it off with effortless grace. 

As I’ve mentioned this is fun and simple to read, this should brighten up a kids day during the Easter holidays. And let’s face it, they’re probably already bored. I know the ones where I live are... You know I’m right parents, so go and buy this to keep them occupied, you might just find they enjoy reading!!! 

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