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Sunday, 10 March 2013

***Poetry by ME*** Broken Promises

Something you probably don't know about this book blogger is that I actually write poetry. So I was thinking how about I share some with you as a break from all our booky stuff. Now on Sundays instead of a review, I'll share a poem with you. 

I look at you and see nothing but broken promises,

Tears fill my eyes, knowing that’s all you’ll ever be,

For all you want is all you take,

Spitting out the remains and leaving me in the dust.

Does it make you happy, draining my soul?

Well I’m plotting my escape,

Know that all you are is what you stole,

And you can have me no more.

So what will you do when the last person runs?

With only your reflection on your side,

All you were is in ashes on the ground,

Your black heart exposed to all.

In the dark it still hurts,

Imagining the pain that tears through my skin,

Because all you are is hatred and rage,

Painting black across my sky.

I deny my feelings,

It’s been one whole year sprinting from my demons,

All I am is gaining strength,

Soon I will own myself.

I stand tall against you,

This year I will take a stand,

Know that all I am is beating you,

So you can leave this place.

So take your broken promises and keep them safe,

I’ll never rely on you again,

All I am is less than I will be,

Without you by my side.

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J-Cro said...

Wonderful writing, Char. I'm excited this is going to be a weekly feature too. Jack :) x

Charmaine Sharpe said...

Awww thanks Jack!! I am too actually, it gives me an extra day to get a review sorted. Ah, the glamour of book blogging!

Char :) x


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