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Thursday, 14 March 2013

*** Review*** Knife Edge (Noughts and Crosses #2) by Malorie Blackman

On the Back of the Book

This thought-provoking and often provocative look at racism is a sequel to the award-winning Noughts & Crosses.

Persephone (Sephy) Hadley, now an 18-year-old single parent, is raising her biracial daughter in a sharply divided alternate England, where black Crosses suppress the white Noughts. She faces pressure from both her less-than-understanding Cross family and her disintegrating Naught family, and everyone in between. When her brother-in-law's violent behavior leads to murder, Sephy provides a false alibi to save Jude, but doing so irreparably damages other lives.

Pre Read Thoughts

I’m choosing this because:

It’s Malorie Blackman month!!!!! With the fabulous Amy Bookworm!!!!! (Well it’s as good a reason as any to read a book.) After reading the first ‘Noughts and Crosses’ book, I have to say that I have high hopes for this one. The story that I found in book one was so heartbreaking and emotional and the end!! Oh my the end!! I actually thought it sat nicely as a standalone but since there’s a book 2 I must read it so hi there ‘Knife Edge’ get in my hands! *Book stays where it is*

Judging a book by its cover:

The simple black and white covers continue with ‘Knife Edge’ and I have to say that it works. They really stand out in my opinion and it fits with the blacks vs. white attitude of the world of this series. While it is so different to other covers of the genre I have to say that the lack of pretty girls and broody boys possibly opens it up to a new type of reader. I hope it does anyway.

Pricing the (possible) awesomeness:

This is available on Amazon for £5.24 in paperback with the Kindle version being slightly cheaper at £4.74. So if you feel the need to buy there’s your Amazon options.

Post Read Thoughts

This was not on the same level as ‘Noughts and Crosses’. The writing was good, but the story felt lost for me. It wasn’t the same. And while I get that we’re dealing with the aftermath of the conclusion of book one, I feel that this doesn’t do it justice. I found myself dragging myself through the book, when with the predecessor I was racing through the book, praying that it wouldn’t end.

Jude – Jude is possibly my biggest reason for my dislike of this. He’s not a likeable character and reading his hatred and his prejudice and his anger was exhausting and it made me feel ill. I read for enjoyment and Jude is just as racist as the Crosses that he detests so much. His actions once again have repercussions on everyone but himself. He blames others for what he’s done and I really want to hurt him. He’s disgusting and vile and has nothing at all redeemable about him and I HATED being in his head and reading his POV. He’s possibly my main issue with this book. He’s awful. Just no. He needs a lesson in feeling things.

Sephy – I miss the Sephy of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ this Sephy is a shell. She’s lost what made her. I know that the ending of book 1 hit her hard (Me too Sephy, me too) but that is no excuse to lose whatever it was that made her stand up against the world and scream eff you all. She made a deal with the devil in this and doesn’t seem to realise that he’s going to come back and burn her arse off. It will happen and when it does she’ll get no sympathy from me. I want the Sephy I grew to love back!

Meggie – Meggie... hmmm... she’s a tough one to write about. She’s kind, she warm, she’s loving but she needs a reality check when it comes to Jude. I’m sorry, I know mum’s like to see the best in their kids but there’s an extent to this. I mean he’s not the nicest boy and he was always on his way to Jerktown and I want to know why she refuses to see that. However, I remember the time I got a poem published and my mum replied to my excitement with “jolly good” and I just know that Meggie is the kind of mum who’d have a full on party to celebrate that kind of thing. That’s what I like about her, her ability to love without question and do the best she can for her children and grandchild. It will be her downfall though. Trust me.

Overall this is a book dragged down by a lost story and a lead that makes you feel worse than a month long hangover. Yea... he’s that painful (Don’t drink kiddiwinks!!! It’s not nice!!) . The writing is good and I won’t knock it. Malorie Blackman knows how to write a story and I like that. There are too many wannabes that takes someone’s idea contort slightly and get it published. ‘Noughts and Crosses’ is different. It feels original even though the idea is just a what if with black and whites switched. Although I personally feel it’s not the colour of your skin that makes you, it’s what you’ve got to give the world. Keep your hatred and prejudice, we don’t want it. And this story is a prime example of why judging on skin colour should remain in the past. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR THE WIN!

My Rating

3 stars – I won’t penalise this too much because of the writing but I feel so let down with this. I wanted more than it could give. I wanted Sephy to be strong, I wanted change in their world. What I got was the opposite with Jude thrown in for good measure. God I detest him. 

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