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Sunday, 17 March 2013

***Poetry I've Written*** Do Not Weep For Me

 For today's poem, I decided to dig through the archives of my poetry to find this one for you. It's one of my favorites that I've written. Anyway, I'll stop blithering, I hope you like it.

If I were to go,
I wouldn’t leave you empty handed,
I’d give you my soul,
And no one can ever take that away.

Do not weep for me,
When the sky turns to grey,
I’ve gone to a better place.

Do not weep for me,
When you’re left all alone,
I am still with you,
I am the whisper in the wind.

Do not weep for me,
When you stand at my grave,
When you are there, there’s nothing I can say.

Do not weep for me,
I am with you in spirit,
Waiting for the tide to turn.

Do not weep for me,
Because I cannot make you better,
And that will always break my heart.

You may not see me,
But I see you,
And that only makes the distance between us harder.

I beg you to reconsider,
You need to be who you are,
For the both of us.

Do not weep for me,
That’s what the rain is,
It’s just me,
Crying over you.

So when the sun fades,
Do not weep for me,
I am in paradise.

No longer having to strive for perfection,
I can live for myself,
And it’s been such a long time coming.

Embrace your new life,
Never turn back,
You have a life to live,
And a heart to love with.

You can have one last moment,
To reflect on the past,
But do not weep for me,
I can do it for myself. 

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